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• To lead young people into an understanding of and love for the word of God.
• To provide opportunities for Christian fellowship with other youth.
• To provide opportunities for young people to become involved in activities for expression of Christian attitudes and actions. In other words, to get young people involved in service.
• To lead young people into a personal decision and commitment to Christ.
• To provide counsel for young people in times of personal crisis.
• To provide youth an opportunity for worship, both formal and informal.
• To train and provide opportunities for teens to share their faith with others.
• To train adults and parents how to teach and work with young people.


The youth directors are responsible for planning and carrying out wholesome activities for the youth of the Woodlawn Forrest Church of Christ. They are to be faithful members of Woodlawn Forrest and a godly example for the young people.



A council is an assembly of persons called together for consultation, deliberation, or discussion. It serves in an administration or advisory capacity.

The purpose of the Woodlawn Forrest Youth Council is as follows:
• To assist the youth minister with planning programs, projects, outings, activities etc.
• To help prepare for and attend youth gatherings and events.
• To be responsible for “carrying out” planned activities if the youth minister can not be there.
• To host youth cook-outs, picnics, cottage meetings, etc. in order to show the hospitality that God has commanded of us.
• To provide wholesome and Christian activities for the youth who attend Woodlawn Forrest.


“That the man of God may be perfect thoroughly furnished unto all good works” Timothy 3:17

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