William Paul Myers

BLG 1 Leader


William Paul Myers has been a member of West Adair/ Woodlawn Forrest Church of Christ for more than 35 years. He has served the church in numerous capacities in the role of leadership including Deacon and Building & Grounds Chairman.

Paul has served passionately as BLG 1 Leader for the last 30 years and is still serving in that capacity and being assisted by his wife Willie Mae.  This is the role which he finds to be most fulfilling.

The BLG was designed to be a source of personal contact with each member of the church within their assigned zone, with special emphasis and attention on new disciples. Through this program, each member is monitored for attendance at all services with special emphasis on worship service and being accountable one to another. As the BLG encompasses all members of the church, it involves all programs of the church as well. As a result of this program, many members have learned to be more accountable one to another, personal needs have been met, well-being and growth have been nurtured and ensured.

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